Business process

Marketing & Co is managed and staffed by people who worked in the profession they recruit in. Their professionalism is our added value. We do know about the job you are offering, which experience is needed to fulfill it successfully and what kind of people fit into your organisation. We know what it takes, because we did the job ourselves.

Easy to do business with

We try hard to be easy to do business with. As easy as you want. But also with candidates, we try to be as easy as possible. We take all steps that are necessary to manage our broad and deep specialist databases, to reach outstanding candidates and to keep them interested in our vacancies.

We maintain a very easy registration process, we publish job and news portals, we have intensive personal contacts with the candidates and - last but not least - we make it an art to be innovative in (online) marketing.

Our business process has delivered us priceless databases and a close circle of loyal customers. With some of our businesses we reach over 80 percent of the labour market in this specific segment.

Our yearly held customer satisfaction research has taught us that the combination of our specialisation, clear communications and business integrity is very appreciated. This seperates us clearly from general agencies in the market.